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Fast Premium Bandwidth

We give you the fastest speed your line can take and work with providers to continually maximise speeds

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Network Monitoring

We actively monitor our network to ensure your business stays online

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Free Assisted Setup

We will help you get online for the first time with our service.

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Support Centre

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Broadband Pricing

Broadband Availability Checker

Broadband FAQ

If you’re switching your phone line from another supplier, there’s no charge.
If you’re taking over a working line, there will be a £40 takeover charge.
If we need to install a new line (or reconnect a ceased line) or socket, the charge is £130
If you need multiple new lines, there may be a charge for each line.

It depends on what you’re after and local availability, but our minimum lead times are –

To switch broadband from another supplier
10 days

To switch broadband and phone line from another supplier
14 days

Install new phone line and broadband
10 days (5 days with additional charge)

If you’re running servers, websites, or FTP hosting, you’ll need one of these.

A static IP address is unique and does not change and will enable you to:

– Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world
– Run your own email server (and associate it with your domain name)
– Point domain names to your servers and equipment
– Set up your own secure Virtual Private Network
– Run your own website and FTP server
– Run CCTV off your network

1 static IP address – Free

5 static IP addresses – £10.00 a month.

Download and upload as much as you like – there are no data limits on any of our business broadband products.

We always give you the best broadband speed possible on your line. To see how fast your business could go, use our broadband speed checker to see an estimate of your line.

We have several types of broadband: Superfast Fibre, standard Broadband and leased lines

ITP Superfast Fibre gives you a superfast fibre optic broadband connection with average speeds of 67Mb. This lets you do more online, for office environments this is recommended if you have several users sharing the same connection. It’s great for downloading or streaming, or uploading content with speeds of up to 20Mbps. If you use VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phones Superfast 2 is the package for you.

If you can’t get Superfast Fibre or if you rarely download content or have fewer devices, standard Broadband is ideal for you.

Leased line connections give your business a dedicated, uncontended bandwidth with speeds of up to 10Gbps, these connections are symmetrical upload and download meaning you get the same upload speed as your download speed. Further helping you get the most out of your connection. All connections are professionally installed and tested prior to handover and we can offer assistance with integration to your current environment.