Business VOIP

Smart Business VOIP

Our multi user/site business VoIP package is typically used by established businesses or Ltd.

With the basic multi VoIP packages, we provide you with a single telephone number in the UK area code of your choice and the facility to connect an Internet phone for each of your employees to the service.

If you already have a number, maybe on a landline we can port this number to us allowing you to reduce costs on your landline and make your business phone number truly portable with our powerful iPhone, Android, Windows & Mac apps

You can configure your new system to dial all extensions when a customer calls you or specific groups of phones. We can take care of the setup of this for you with our assisted setup options.

With the multi user VoIP packages, we also offer blocks of telephone numbers as an optional upgrade. So, rather than just a single number for everyone, we provide you with a continuous block of numbers in your chosen area code. Please contact us for details of this at any time.

  • Call Waiting and Queues
  • Individual user panel
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Time of day routing
  • Roaming app available
  • Detailed Analytics
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VOIP Pricing Plans

1 User +
Pay As You Go
  • Low Call Charges
  • Free Setup
  • 1 Direct Dial Number
  • Voicemail to email
  • Bring your own device
  • Time of day routing
2 Users +
Pro Business
  • 3000 Mins UK Landline & Mob
  • Yealink Handset included
  • Assisted Remote Setup
  • 3 Direct Dial Numbers
  • Conference Line (1 Direct Dial)
  • Mobile App
  • Call Recording

Voice Services FAQ

When you place an order for your new phone system, one of our friendly team will contact you via email to confirm your order and arrange a suitable time to call you to help setup your new phones. If you already have existing phones this can be completed on the same day as the order or if you have ordered phones these we will contact you once these arrive to assist with setup.

Assisted setup includes the following;
-Configuration of extensions on our system based on your requirements
-Configuration of extension account on each phone
-Confirmation that each extension is able to make calls between extensions, make external calls and inbound calls are working.
-Demo of customer portal to administer your system
-Demo of individual user control panel

Prior to your setup call please ensure the following;
-All phones are powered on and connected to your network
-Any firewalls installed on your network allow UDP traffic on port 5060
-If possible we may remotely share your screen to speed up the delivery of your phone service. To do this please ensure a laptop or desktop computer is available and connected to the same network as your phones

We have created a simple to use call cost lookup form, simple click the below where you can see all worldwide rates and all other charges associated with our service
Call Rates and Charges

Of course!

Your first payment is taken via credit/debit card, the day you signup becomes your invoice date, so signing up on the 10th will mean you are billed on the 10th of each month. This can be changed to a more suitable date for you by contacting support.

If you wish to switch to Direct Debit please let us know via your customer panel and an online Direct Debit form will sent to you via email which takes less than a minute to complete and gives you peace of mind that all payments will happen automatically in future.

Sure, the majority of our customers start with a few phones and add more over time. To add more phones simply send us an email with the requested extension numbers and names and these will be added right away. Billing will be adjusted pro-rata to your billing date so you only pay for what you use.

Assisted setup is available for additional extensions if required. Please contact us if you need a hand getting these setup.

If you need to reduce the phones you have with us simply drop us a line in the same way and we will remove the requested extension. You can make as many changes to your account as you like, we are here to help as your business grows.

Number transfers, known as a ‘number port’ can take up to 14 days to complete, please submit a port request from your control panel and confirm that you have authority to complete the port. This normally requires you to be the account holder or have the authority of the account holder to make this request.

Once we have received your port request we will process it and advise of a target port completion date. This date will then be confirmed once the current provider has accepted the port.

Please note the details submitted must match those held by your current provider. including Full name, address, postcode and account number. Once a port request has been submitted a charge is added to your account. If incorrect details are provided the port is rejected you will be charged to resubmit the port request.

On the day of port completion we will confirm the port has been completed and confirm inbound calls correctly routing to your phone system provided by us.